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The Thyson Manufacturing & Technology Centre

Come and experience our MTC, our workshop, at the heart of our business. Watch our videos and then come and visit us and see for yourself why we’re market leaders in decarbonisation.

Our Manufacturing and Technology Centre (and our test laboratories) are at the heart of our business and a huge focal part of our site here in Ellesmere Port. Known internally as “the Workshop”, this is a massive indoor space where we build our hydrogen blending units and many other integrated skids and analytical solutions for our customers.

The Manufacturing & Technology Centre is where our engineers see the fruits of their labour put into reality. It’s here they come once they’ve spent time in the design office, labouring over particularly thorny engineering problems, wrestling with different approaches to a customer challenge; this is where our engineering solutions are built and completed.

Inside the Manufacturing & Technology Centre, we manufacture to the highest quality, producing custom-built solutions, with a ‘right first time’ mentality. It’s here where final configuration of control packages are completed for hydrogen blending, GEUs, gas quality, metering; meeting specific application requirements from our customers, and it’s here where we can perform Factory Acceptance Testing.

Here, we look at application challenges and how to adapt our solutions for a customer’s particular requirement or serviceability. Here we consider how best to integrate state-of-the-art tech our partners have developed to improve one of our existing solutions or a ground-breaking challenge set by our customers. Here we design, build, prepare for commissioning, and pre-plan customer maintenance or servicing.

With four different videos to choose from, immerse yourself in our capabilities. Then speak to one of our team about visiting our Manufacturing & Technology Centre.