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Thyson Technology Bio Gas unit for Warwickshire super-farm

July 23, 2015

Bio Gas Unit by Thyson Technology

Gas analyser systems specialist Thyson Technology has completed the installation of a biogas network entry point at a large farm in Warwickshire, allowing the business to sell the methane gas it produces on site to National Grid.

The Biomethane Network Entry Facility (BNEF) takes the gas generated in anaerobic digesters used at the farm and cleans it to ensure it meets Gas Safety Management Regulations (GSMR) – the strict standards that all gas needs to adhere to before it can be fed into the grid.

The turnkey system supplied by Thyson Technology will regulate the calorific value of the cleaned gas, control its pressure, add a legally required odorant and automatically report details of the gas fed into the grid to National Grid’s control centre in Hinckley.

Mike Braddock, managing director of Thyson Technology, said: “It’s vital for those wishing to sell biogas to National Grid to meet stringent parameters for quality and to ensure volumes are accurately reported. The single-installation BNEF houses we provide give our clients an affordable and reliable way to enter the market.

“We have built up a deep base of knowledge and experience of working with gas analyser systems as we are currently mid-way through a project to install 28 gas analyser houses at National Grid locations across the country.

“Embedded biogas generation will play an increasingly important part in the UK’s changing energy mix in the years ahead, and it’s great that we are able to use our experience to give customers a straightforward and reliable way to monetise the gas they produce.”